Ten reasons why I’m blogging about teaching.

  1. To reflect on what I do and why I do it.
  2. To keep an active record of what I get up to in the classroom.
  3. To be able to share my thoughts and ideas (presuming at least one other person reads this at some point).
  4. To motivate myself to keep trying to develop as a teacher.
  5. To help me find what direction I want to go in as a teaching professional (any ideas please get in touch).
  6. To enjoy writing.
  7. To stop boring my nearest and dearest with talk about teaching
  8. Because I’m inspired by other people’s blogs. I want to play!
  9. To become more aware of my teaching strengths and weaknesses.
  10. To keep in touch with colleagues. I’ve worked with some great people and I hope we’ll continue to share our ideas.


I found the webinar on ‘Professional development through blogs and blogging’ by Sandy Millin really useful when deciding if and how I wanted to blog. If this interests you have a look here